Use of Robotic process automation (RPA) in finance 2021

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Use of Robotic process automation (RPA) in finance 2021

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a wonderful technology that plays important role in finance and accounting across the world. Robotic process automation (RPA) is rapidly changing the accounting and finance processes, perhaps faster than another kind of technology. Finance robotics made simple specific task automation but now it growing and perform full process task automation. Which increases the correctness of financial analysis in 2021. Robotic process automation (RPA) decrease the workload on employee and performs lot of work in lower time. Rather than work performs technology hub

How does Robotic process automation work in finance

Robotic process automation (RPA) consists of software robots that signify a pattern of recyclable automation for tasks and processes. Robots perform some functions like humans such as reading a screen in one request. Copy necessary content and then paste it into another application.

For understanding how robotic process automation (RPA) work all over the world. Here I am talking about some use cases for finance and accounting.

robotic process automation (RPA)

ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA) for Purchase Order Processing:

Staff spend a lot of time for make purchase orders first review the things make list. And then make purchase order it increases the workload on employee. So robotic process automation (RPA) plays an important role in managing time and decrease the workload on staff. Robotic process automation (RPA) software reads the important information puts this information into appropriate system and creates an approval request.  So for managing the Purchase Order Process companies uses robotic process automation software.

ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA) for invoice process automation:

In the finance department, managing invoices is the most difficult and time is taken the task on paper. If an employee does this work manually on paper he need lot of time for make invoice and also the chance of errors come in the invoice. So this task is costly for the company if this work employee performs manually on paper. Now this task performs easily by using robotic process automation (RPA) software. It can input data automatically, error handling, and easily handle finance processing invoices.

Robotic process automation (RPA) use for processing cash data

Robotic process automation (RPA) processing customer sales order for products and services and handle the billing process. Cash application is a critical function in the debtor process. Applying the correct payments to the correct accounts and invoices is a process that involves several ways of introducing errors.

Robotic Process automation use for the reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is a paperwork process. As the accounting department must check money consumed and received money to balance the final figures. Many financial institutions, regardless of size, spend their valuable time manually verifying and matching transactions. Due to differences in account type, payment types, and payment facilities between banks. Due to the long hours of manual reconciliation, duplicate records, a large number of errors, and multiple transactions are handled in a single employee invoice.

Now Robotic process automation makes easy this work by matching the payments records with band data and existing data. In case if the payments are equal, the accounts are said to be reconciled. But if payments do not match or some difference occurs found in the invoice. Then robotic process automation software sends back the records for more validation.


Now robots are used in a lot of work. e.g robots also use for security purposes. Technology play important role in security purpose all around the world.





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